Pilgrimage; Remote Animism & Ornamental Displacements Exhibition at The Condensery

February 24, 2024

Saturday, 24 February to Sunday, 28 April. Open 10am - 4pm Wednesday to Sunday.

The Condensery, 29 Factory Road, Toogoolawah


Pilgrimage: Remote Animism & Ornamental Displacements forms part of a continuing series from the collaborative practice of husband and wife artists, Miguel Aquilizan & Jessica Dorizac. In their life and work they navigate through culture, colonization, history, geography, folklore and faith as contemporary Australian Filipinos.

In the Pilgrimage series, they explore the interconnected themes of identity, globalisation, culture, colonization and resistance through a playful sculptural installation. Located in The Condensery’s Bomb Shelter, this iteration is a new body of work produced in Australia, since Miguel Aquilizan & Jessica Dorizac have returned from practicing in the Philippines.

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