Glen Rock Gallery – Coal Creek Pottery Exhibition


Glen Rock Gallery is open: 9am - 4pm, Tuesday to Friday and 10am - 2pm Weekends

Esk Visitor Information Centre, 82 Ipswich Street, Esk 4312


The Coal Creek Pottery exhibition is on display at the Glen Rock Gallery until Thursday, 2 June 2022. Deborah Dawkings ‘potters’ with clay and is inspired by the countryside and colours of Coal Creek where she connects with nature to create. Even though each of her pieces have an earthy, maybe even sculptural feel, they also have a practical purpose. This exhibition has brought together members of the thriving Coal Creek Pottery community. Each artist has created pottery with their own artistic flair resulting in some amazing pieces. Fellow creatives exhibiting are, Sandy Warren, Julie Buckworth and Kahli Dawkings, all very talented artists and valuable members of the Coal Creek Pottery community.

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